The King Is Dead

Game design by Nigel Tao. Artwork by various artists.

The King Is Dead is a 'print and play' card game for two to four players. The King has just died, and each player is a prince or princess who seeks to occupy the vacant throne. The players maneuver support from an alliance of the three factions (the court, the army and the city) to make the strongest claim on the crown.

Download the rules (4MB PDF) and the card images part 1 and part 2 (both 20MB ZIP) for free. You can print the cards at Choose "Custom Blank Cards", for 2.5″×3.5″ poker-sized cards. I was able to order a single custom deck for under 20 USD, including shipping. Here's a photo of the printed cards. Alternatively, you can also print the cards at, but I have not tried this myself.

Discuss the game on the thekingisdeadcardgame mailing list.